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About Us

Bin Goribah & Al Makhzom co., Ltd. was set up in 1990, by Mr. Awad Talib Awad Goribah and his partner Mr. Abdullah Obaid Al Makhzom.

Commencing with petty civil engineering works, the company has steadily expanded and now ranked among the leading civil engineering contractors in the Republic of Yemen.

GATCO has carried out its first project in Aden city of Yemen, for the Construction of Nasir Garden, Cornish and Quay facilities awarded by CALTEX OIL.

Since 1996, GATCO Group is engaged by the Ministry of Public Works and Highways, YEMEN, to develop the infrastructure (civil works) of the Socotra-Island. From the outset, GATCO is busy with its complete working tools and has been completed Socotra Airport, Dockside and approximately 480 km (Dec-2009) Asphlat road network in the Island.

In 2000, we contributed much to promote the intercity roads, beautification of Cornish of Mukalla city. whereas, we provided ‘role model performance’ to complete the sensitive and time-constraint targets of ‘celebratory-construction requirements’ on the eve of National Day of YEMEN in May-2005.

Mathbah Flyover – Sana’a city of YEMEN
Our engineering team has completed the construction of flyover, which is about 1km long and contains 9 spans, in sana’a city of YEMEN within a tight scheduled time frame given by the client. April 2009.
During last 20 years, GATCO has executed a considerable number of Asphalt Road projects, include large quantum of earthworks, heavy rock excavation, blasting, drainage structures and protection works. Moreover, has achieved capabilities for heavy RCC Structural works and related services.
GATCO group corporate office functioning since 2004, in Sana’a city of Yemen and due to effective liaison we have established an impressive clientele-base. Overseas branch offices are operating in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES and KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA.
We are open to invite our prospective business partners, potential suppliers of goods & services and professionals, who are seeking business relationship with us.

Sustainable Growth policy through meeting our ‘Client’s satisfaction’
Continual improvement in working techniques
Look for long term planning and
Seeking to diversify in new business sectors
We believe in Safe and healthy working environment, promote equal opportunity culture and re-structure organizational system, when it is vital to meet update practices.

Workforce: 1300 employees both Republic of Yemen and Overseas branches
Number of Projects completed/in progress: Yemen 67 United Arab Emirates 7 (January, 2010)